What is ShadowPlex
Cyber Deception

ShadowPlex Cyber Deception is a proactive cyber security strategy to defend the enterprise network against attacks that have already breached the perimeter defenses. By deploying a comprehensive layer of deception across the enterprise network, including the endpoints and identity stores, ShadowPlex not only detects attacks but can also engage, delay and divert attacks.

Why do I need ShadowPlex
Cyber Deception?

Existing security solutions detect threats based on signatures or anomalous activity against real assets. Cyber Deception provides a new complementary dimension of security, by deploying pervasive deception. Decoy assets are not part of the enterprise business processes and activity against decoy assets provides a high-fidelity alert.

ShadowPlex Products

Acalvio is the leader in Cyber Deception technology, built on over 25 issued patents in Autonomous Deception and advanced AI. The Acalvio ShadowPlex Deception Platform provides robust Identity Security, Active Defense, and Threat Hunting products.

ShadowPlex Cyber Deception Platform

Award-winning and Patented

Identity Security

Provides unprecedented visibility to the attack surfaces on endpoint, AD and network

Active Defense

Combines breakthrough Deception Technology with Advanced AI for early detection of cyber threats with precision and speed

Threat Hunting
Unique set of threat investigation capabilities that leverage cyber deception for rapid threat investigation and improved SOC efficiency

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